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Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet Focuses Attention on Destinations Worldwide

Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet has fostered a global dialogue on how destinations can manage the growing impacts of tourism worldwide. Discussions held at COP 22, Harvard University, Cornell University, New York University and George Washington University as part of Megan Epler Wood's book tour, confirmed that new approaches to managing the growth of tourism at the destination level are required.

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Sustainability-Leaders featured an interview with Responsibletravel.com's CEO Justin Francis in July highlighting his thoughts on Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet. Justin writes, "Many of those in the tourism business have been able to turn a blind eye to sustainability issues, but are now finding them impossible to escape as it threatens their potential for growth. The strength of the arguments in this book help move sustainable tourism from the periphery to become a central strategic issue in government and board rooms." Other reviews, interviews, and upcoming events can be found here.

Featured Projects

New Approaches to Destination Planning Launched

Epler Wood traveled to Colombia in February 2017 for the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates to present on destination planning and management. A former Fulbright Scholar in in Colombia, Epler Wood took the opportunity to meet with a wide variety of leaders and visit remote parts of Colombia now opening for the first time to tourism. She is working with Pro-Colombia, the National Parks of Colombia and the agency for Innovation in Science to determine if new methods for tourism planning, using Geodesign, can move the planning process forward in Amazonian regions. Read National Geographic Blog Post On Ecotourism in Colombia with Megan Epler Wood

The new course Sustainable Tourism, Regional Planning and Geodesign (ENVR E-118B) being launched at Harvard Extension in the Spring of 2018 will help destination managers worldwide to learn to determine the best management of vital natural and social resources, and to build scenarios that include the impacts of climate change, including approaches to mitigation and adaptation, over the next 20-30 years.